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HUN-REN Data Repository Platform

Tamás Scheibner

Barna hajú, szakállas, szemüveges férfi sötét pólóban

Tamás Scheibner is a historian and literary scholar, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of History at the Research Centre for the Humanities, and an Associate Professor at the Institute of Cultural Studies and Hungarian Literature at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. As an undergraduate, he minored in Informatics in the Humanities. Between 2016 and 2019, he was involved as a senior researcher in the development of the database and related digital learning environment for the H2020 COURAGE project. Scheibner has contributed to several digital projects related to the 1956 revolution and is currently leading the development of a prosopographical database of post-revolutionary refugees and Hungarian emigration. The database will be used to study migration processes, and institutional and personal networks. In the field of digital humanities, he is particularly interested in reconciling diverse research approaches and needs, as well as in promoting digital solutions for users without IT expertise.

As part of the ARP project, Scheibner will support the deposition of the data of various research projects including Trianon100, Hungarian Family History, Ten Generations; the Work Momentum  Research Groups; the SMALLST and Negotiating Sovereignty ERC Consolidator Grant projects; and the database on the administrative network of the joint government of the Károlyi family in the 19th century.