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HUN-REN Data Repository Platform

Infrastructure development

The HUN-REN Data Repository Platform (ARP) aims to lay the foundations for a new repository infrastructure service that will be able to support the continuous, long-term research data management of the entire institutional network.

This new digital infrastructure will enable the long-term secure storage, management and sharing of research data in Hungary, thus ensuring connectivity to international research infrastructures.

We are relying on HUN-REN Cloud, a cost-effective and flexible solution due to its virtualised environment. Two institutes (SZTAKI and Wigner FK) host the hardware infrastructure of ARP, with data synchronisation between them.

Data storage redundancy is designed to be threefold at both sites, and synchronisation at the metadata level is complete and continuous between them.

The master copies are stored at SZTAKI with a planned storage area of 1365 TB, and the mirror copies interpreted for the data repository project are located at Wigner FK with a planned storage area of 512 TB.

Archiving will also be available for ARP projects on the Wigner FK side.

Two HUN-REN research institutes will also make use of a local repository on a pilot basis, with a local capacity of 60 TB, directly accessible on the selected institute's network. The selected institute will commit to mastering the user processes associated with ARP. After data collection, the researchers will carry out the tagging and metadata tagging of the data batches and measurement results, after which the complete data batch will be uploaded to the data repository. The process can serve as an example for new users of the data repository.