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HUN-REN Data Repository Platform

The framework of research object packaging based on RO-Crate in the ELKH ARP platform

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Tóth Zoltán

Compliance with FAIR principles is becoming an unavoidable factor in multiple research areas, that Hungarian researchers also face in their publishing activities. These principles primarily aim to ensure that the data supporting research can be located and processed using computational tools, even without human intervention. Storing and providing metadata for research data in a traditional data repository is a progressive step. However, this alone may not be sufficient to adhere to the guidelines, as the expected metadata in these systems typically pertain to the units of data packages uploaded to the repository, and there is no standardized, established way to interpret finer details, such as file-level information. FAIR Digital Objects can provide a solution to this problem. One possible implementation is the research object packaging based on RO-Crate, which the ELKH ARP (ELKH Data Repository Platform) project introduces into the Data Repository Platform. The RO-Crate format will be presented, as well as how researchers will encounter it in their activities within the repository.