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A maturity model for catalogues of semantic artefacts

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Oscar Corcho, Fajar J. Ekaputra, Ivan Heibi, Clement Jonquet, Andras Micsik, Silvio Peroni, Emanuele Storti

The work presented in this paper is twofold. On the one hand, we aim to define the concept of semantic artefact catalogue (SAC) by overviewing various definitions used to clarify the meaning of our target of observation, including the meaning of the focal item: semantic artefacts. On the other hand, we aim to identify metrics and dimensions that can be used to assess the maturity of such catalogues. In particular, we define a maturity model to measure, compare and evaluate available semantic artefact catalogues. By setting these dimensions and their metrics, catalogues can be classified by each dimension. So the maturity of both the catalogues and the dimensions as a whole can be expressed. Such a maturity model and its application to 26 semantic artefacts catalogues - from various disciplines and relying on various technologies - are available to be later enriched.