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HUN-REN Data Repository Platform

Johanna Vass

Rövid, szőke hajú nő sállal a nyaka körül fekete felsőben.

Johanna Vass, PhD, represents the Centre for Ecological Research, where she has been working as a librarian since 2021 as a librarian, in the ARP project. Prior to the research institute environment, she gained experience in many types of libraries: national library, museum library, art library, digital collection, etc.. She defended her doctoral thesis in 2021 within the framework of the  doctoral program in library science at ELTE Doctoral School of Literature. Since 2019, she has been a lecturer at the ELTE Institute of Library and Information Science.

Vass participates in the ARP project with data provided by the following research groups:

I. Biodiversity in the grips of agriculture and urbanization (Momentum Landscape and Conservation Ecology Research Group, “Élvonal” Research Excellence Program, NKFIH KKP 133839. Lead researcher: Péter Batáry DSc). The main objective of the project is to separate the effects of landscape composition and configuration on biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services.

II. Exploring the role of intraspecific trait variation in assembly of terrestrial plant communities (Large-scale Vegetation Ecology Research Group, NKFIH OTKA K 124671. Lead researcher: Zoltán Botta-Dukát DSc). The project aims to explore the laws of plant community organization using plant traits, taking into account their diversity within species.

Field sampling and the recording of collected samples and data in tables (Excel) are typical of both projects. In addition, shape files from map databases (ArcGIS, QGIS); statistical analyzes (R-scripts); and sampling protocols (Word) are included in the research data in project No. I.

In project No. II,  the tables are supplemented by image files: about 450 vegetation recordings with the corresponding NDVI values, as well as scanned images of the measured leaves.

Vass’s primary aim as an ARP ambassador is to support the needs of her research community in terms of data management and provide them assistance in repositing data