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HUN-REN Data Repository Platform

Richárd Fiáth

Barna hajú, szakállas, szemüveges férfi sötét pólóban

Richárd Fiáth is a senior research fellow in the Integrative Neuroscience Research Group at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology of the Research Centre for Natural Sciences. Specialized in neuroscience research, his main areas of expertise are brain implants, electrophysiology and brain oscillations.

Within the framework of the ARP Ambassador Program, Fiáth’s objective is to archive and publicly share research data generated in a national and in an international project. In his Hungarian postdoctoral research project, Fiáth recorded in rodent models a previously undescribed propagating neuronal activity in the brain area called thalamus. In a recently started consortial project supported by the European Union, his team uses optical imaging techniques (two-photon microscopy) to investigate changes in brain activity within the visual cortex of mice induced by electrical microstimulation.

As part of the Ambassador Program, Fiáth’s further plans include deepening his knowledge of data management, familiarizing himself with new data types, and gaining experience in relation to the European Union's Open Science policy, with particular focus on the mandatory open access sharing of research data following FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles. Additionally, he aims to actively contribute to the development of a framework that facilitates a relatively easy and automated deployment of research data into data repositories (e.g. into the ARP data repository), even shortly after the data was generated. Finally, his goals include raising awareness among researchers about the importance of archiving and sharing research data, as well as providing assistance to the scientific community in effectively implementing these practices.